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Celebrating the Diversity of Song

Capriccio Columbus is an adult chorus of 75 accomplished vocalists, delighting audiences with a vast array of music sung in beautiful, acoustically rich venues. Whether your taste runs toward classics, jazz, sacred works or the Great American Songbook, a Capriccio Columbus concert will remind you why you love music. In addition to the primary chorus, Capriccio includes the Capriccio Youth Choir and Molto Capriccio, a jazz and pop ensemble available to provide music for special occasions.



Hello, singers! I missed you this week! Next week I will be back and we will combine with Primo Voce to work on "Go, Lassie, Go" (see notes below!). I talked with Mr. McIntyre about rehearsal last night and we will discuss that together next week. Please be sure to work on your music, as we need to move on from working on notes and rhythms and move to memorization and style!

Tum Balalaika: Know your notes and rhythms for this- especially the middle section- so you don't get sucked into the rhythm or notes of the other part. Practice clapping or tapping the rhythm for your part with and without the recording.

Check out this link for a good example of vowels for the piece. We will probably take a faster tempo, but we will try to have similar vowels to this choir!

Remember to eliminate or change all "R"s in the piece (i.e. "years"= "yeeahs", "burn"= "buhn", etc.)


One Love: We're keeping this bouncy! Be ready to MOVE to this song next week!

This is not our arrangement, but this group does a good job with the feel of the piece and keeping it bouncy- check the link!

Go Lassie Go: Be ready to sing the whole piece with great confidence! We've spent several weeks learning this section, so I'm expecting that you know your part. :) Use this recording to solidify your knowledge of your part. We are looking to you to be leaders and positive examples for Primo!

Risseldy Rosseldy: Listen to this recording and follow in your music. 

CANTARE details

A developing treble ensemble singing unison, two-, and three-part repertoire

Rehearses Wednesdays, 6:55-7:55 p.m.

If you have any questions about the assignments, don't hesitate to e-mail me at See you next week!


Part I

Sophia Bakunas

Margaux Guerin

Elizabeth Santana

Claire Shiffer

Maggie Wertz

Elyse Williams


Part II

Mia Konicki

Kolaiah Newkirk

Kellen Prough

Ritesh Thomas

Roshan Thomas


Please contact Mrs. Garner with any questions.

Key of C Major Solfa Chart
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