Capriccio Columbus

Celebrating the Diversity of Song

Capriccio Columbus is an adult chorus of 75 accomplished vocalists, delighting audiences with a vast array of music sung in beautiful, acoustically rich venues. Whether your taste runs toward classics, jazz, sacred works or the Great American Songbook, a Capriccio Columbus concert will remind you why you love music. In addition to the primary chorus, Capriccio includes the Capriccio Youth Choir and Molto Capriccio, a jazz and pop ensemble available to provide music for special occasions.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why was CAVA created?

Capriccio Adult Vocal Academy was created by Capriccio's Artistic Director, Larry Griffin, to give individuals ages 14 - 90 the opportunity to improve their vocal skills by providing sight reading and vocal technique training for beginning and intermediate singers. Larry Griffin has been a choral director for over 30 years and saw first hand that working with his students on their reading and providing them the opportunity to improve their voice led to more productive rehearsals and helped them later on when they were auditioning for other choirs. He decided to provide something similar for members of Capriccio, but then extended the offer to other singers in the central Ohio area, providing an opportunity for the general public to become better skilled in their life-long pursuit of excellence in choral singing.

Which session should I choose -- CAVA I or CAVA II?

  • If you participated in CAVA last summer and feel comfortable with what you learned in that session, sign up for CAVA II. 
  • If you are a more intermediate reader, sign up for CAVA II (even if you haven't been through CAVA I). 
  • If this is your first time and you are a beginning reader, sign up for CAVA I.
  • If you participated in CAVA last summer, but still don't feel comfortable with what you learned, sign up for CAVA I.

What does the schedule for the week look like?

  • 6:30p - 7:20 -- CAVA II -- sight reading with Joe Thrower; CAVA I -- vocal techniques (Alexander) with Diana McCullough
  • 7:25p - 8:05p -- Choral singing worskshop with Larry Griffin and Karrie Horton
  • 8:10p - 9:00p -- CAVA II -- vocal techniques (Alexander) with Diana; CAVA I -- sight reading with Joe

What is the Alexander Technique??

The Alexander Technique is a method for developing conscious use of oneself in all activities of living, and is a course offering at all major universities and conservatories in the United States and internationally.  Theatre, music, and dance students all benefit from study of its principles, which re-educate the artist’s kinesthetic sense, and allow for healthy habits and greater ease.  

In addition to learning basic Alexander Technique principles, students will be introduced to breath management, body alignment, performance anxiety strategies, tone production, and more.

Plan to be challenged, to laugh, to experiment with your vocal instrument and its potential. 

Capriccio Columbus | P.O. Box 1225 | Worthington, OH 43085