Capriccio Columbus

Celebrating the Diversity of Song

Capriccio Columbus is an adult chorus of 75 accomplished vocalists, delighting audiences with a vast array of music sung in beautiful, acoustically rich venues. Whether your taste runs toward classics, jazz, sacred works or the Great American Songbook, a Capriccio Columbus concert will remind you why you love music. In addition to the primary chorus, Capriccio includes the Capriccio Youth Choir and Molto Capriccio, a jazz and pop ensemble available to provide music for special occasions.


Spiritus: "The spirit and breath" of music.

Next Rehearsal = 3/21/2018

Tenors & Basses: Combine in the sanctuary at 7:45 this week. 

Spring Concert: We Sing of Love

It Takes a Village: (combined with Virtuoso)

  • Clean memorization. 
    • Where does your part change?
    • What's the pattern to the change?
  • Keep the buoyancy in it.
  • Click here to sign up for March 21st solo auditions.
  • Listen here.

Seven Bridges Road:

  • MEMORIZE for next rehearsal!
  • Things to remember:
    • You must keep the feel of the moving 8th note in this to keep it moving. It's a great piece as long as you don't sit in the chords.
    • Keep the crescendos with your longer notes. This will help with movement as well.
    • Tenors/Basses: Be sure your held tones don't sink as you keep the harmonic tonality under the melody.
  • What's the intention/message of this piece?? 
  • Listen here. This is obviously a much larger group than ours but a nice sound.

Yal asmar ellon (Hey, Beautiful Dark One!):

  • Thank you, Juju, for your expertise on the text!! 
  • Traditional Syrian song
    • From the publisher: "Yal asmar ellon has been transmitted orally, which accounts for its melodic and textual variations.  As in other Arab song traditions, the singer addresses his beloved discreetly using the male pronoun.  The melody is in the hijaz mode, similar to the Western harmonic minor scale."
  • Be spending time this week reviewing the text we worked on. Check your long versus short vowels on the pronunciation.
  • Memorized by April 4th.
  • Listen here to the example of the song.

Set Me As a Seal:

A few pieces in the same place can be heard here.


For a reminder about our discussion on what a responsible ensemble member is from this fall, click HERE.


    An advanced chamber ensemble of mixed SATB voices. 

    Tenors/Basses: Rehearsal begins at 7:45 each week for sectionals.

    Full Spiritus Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 8:00-8:45 p.m. 


    Soprano I

    Juju Bibawy

    Emily Hamilton

    Faith Wickizer


    Soprano II

    Christina Milano

    Maggie Szabo



    Olivia Ball

    Nikia Scurlock

    Antonia Zouridakis



    Andrew Berkebile

    Isaiah Marshall



    Adam Isenhart

    Tomas Kimly

    Ian Tavenner

    Please contact Mrs. Bates with any questions.

    Capriccio Columbus | P.O. Box 1225 | Worthington, OH 43085