Capriccio Columbus

Celebrating the Diversity of Song

Capriccio Columbus is an adult chorus of 75 accomplished vocalists, delighting audiences with a vast array of music sung in beautiful, acoustically rich venues. Whether your taste runs toward classics, jazz, sacred works or the Great American Songbook, a Capriccio Columbus concert will remind you why you love music. In addition to the primary chorus, Capriccio includes the Capriccio Youth Choir and Molto Capriccio, a jazz and pop ensemble available to provide music for special occasions.


Fall Concert: The Strength of Family

Concert Sunday!

Call Time -- 3:00 p.m. in the Chapel (next to the sanctuary)

Fully Memorized & Performance Ready

Keep in mind what each song means and what you need to convey to the audience.

For all your music:

  1. Practice through your songs as WHOLE pieces. The more you sing straight through them, the more musical they can become.
  2. Any "I am not quite sure of these notes" needs to be figured out by you before this week's rehearsal. We are past the point of notes and rhythms. Rehearsal this week is to clean the music. It should all already be learned.
  3. Specific notes for each piece are below.


    • Keep your own beat when singing rather than wait to hear the percussion.
    • Work to keep your sung part accented and with clean diction.
    • Keep the energy in this! It is the opener for the concert.
    • Listen here to the example for next rehearsal WHILE looking at your music. 
      • Click here for a playlist with most of the pieces in one place.
      • Click here for a great performance example of this piece.

    One Boy Told Me:

    Here's a list of things to work on for each section:

    • I. Music Lives: 
      • Emphasize your diction. Be purposeful with your consonants.
    • II. There's a Stopper: Be sure you are counting and entering correctly
    • III. Full of Honey:
      • Remember, you're mood should be troublesome/mischievous.
      • Basses/Altos: You should be percussive and crisp in this section.
      • Tenors/Sopranos: You should sing with a smooth, legato line. Keep your diction crisp, but remember you are "spreading the honey".
      • Tenors: You will reveal your spoons just before the page turn.
    • IV. Peanut! (p. 8, m. 78-80)
      • Thank you, Emily, for singing this! I will get you a peanut for Sunday.
    • V. Old Names (p. 8, m. 81-p. 12)
      • Be sure you're being accurate with your rhythms.
    • VI. What Does Minus Mean? (p. 10, m. 102-125)
      • Be sure you are watching.
    • VII. Happiness (p. 12, pick-up to m. 126-end)
      • This should be pretty close to memorized so that you can sing with musicality and phrasing while you watch Mrs. Bates.
    • Click here for the listening example.


    • Be confident in your memorization and WHEN you come in.
    • Listen here while looking at your music.
      • Or you can listen here.
    • This piece uses a Sanskrit text that translates to "From untruth lead me to Truth. From darkness lead me to Light. From death lead me to Immortality. Om Peace, Peace, Peace."

    I'm Goin' Up a Yonder:

    • Keep the gospel feel we had at rehearsal!
    • Don't back off on your last two measures -- keep them strong.
    • Solo: Isaiah (both verses, remember to keep your tongue down and sound forward) and Christina (join 2nd verse, remember to project strongly).
    • Here is a relatively good recording of the piece, even though it's not in mixed voicing. 


    For a reminder about our discussion on what a responsible ensemble member is, click HERE.


      An advanced chamber ensemble of mixed SATB voices. 

      Spiritus: "The spirit and breath" of music.

      Tenors/Basses: Rehearsal begins at 7:45 each week for sectionals.

      Full Spiritus Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 8:00-8:45 p.m. 


      Soprano I

      Juju Bibawy

      Emily Hamilton

      Faith Wickizer


      Soprano II

      Christina Milano

      Maggie Szabo



      Olivia Ball

      Nikia Scurlock

      Antonia Zouridakis



      Andrew Berkebile

      Brayden Heidrich

      Isaiah Marshall



      Adam Isenhart

      Tomas Kimly

      Ian Tavenner

      Please contact Mrs. Bates or Mrs. Smith with any questions.

      Capriccio Columbus | P.O. Box 1225 | Worthington, OH 43085