Capriccio Columbus

Celebrating the Diversity of Song

Capriccio Columbus is an adult chorus of 75 accomplished vocalists, delighting audiences with a vast array of music sung in beautiful, acoustically rich venues. Whether your taste runs toward classics, jazz, sacred works or the Great American Songbook, a Capriccio Columbus concert will remind you why you love music. In addition to the primary chorus, Capriccio includes the Capriccio Youth Choir and Molto Capriccio, a jazz and pop ensemble available to provide music for special occasions.


Fall Concert: The Strength of Family

Concert Sunday!

Call Time -- 2:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary

Fully Memorized & Performance Ready

Keep in mind what each song means and what you need to convey to the audience.

For all your music:

  1. Practice through your songs as WHOLE pieces. The more you sing straight through them, the more musical they can become.
  2. BE CONFIDENT! You are a great musician so be confident in your abilities!
  3. Specific notes for each piece are below.


  • Keep your own beat when singing rather than wait to hear the percussion.
    • Work to keep your sung part accented and with clean diction.
  • Keep the energy in this! It is the opener for the concert.
  • Listen here to the example.
    • Click here for a playlist with most of the pieces in one place.
    • Click here for a great performance example of this piece.

Music in My Mother's House:

  • Check the lyrics you're missing and become confident with them.
  • Be sure to listen for other parts for correct balance.
  • Listen here.


  • Be comfortable with the clapping for your voice part. It should be confidently performed without being overpowering. Keep the claps light and musical.
  • Listen here.
    • Click here for a playlist with most of the pieces in one place.

The Sound of Our Home:

We will be performing the American premiere of this piece! Remember: no excuses, only success!

  • Read the program notes HERE. You will be able to convey the meaning much better when you know what you're singing about and why.
  • Listen here to the example.


For a reminder of our discussion on what a responsible ensemble member is, click HERE.

Here's the audiation exercise we did in rehearsal: What is audiation?

Please contact Mrs. Bates with any questions.

VIRTUOSO details

An advanced treble ensemble performing three- to four-part repertoire (SSA/SSAA)

Virtuoso: "To be an expert at musicality"

Rehearses 6:55-7:55 p.m.

Virtuoso Singers

Soprano I

Sarah Bridgeman

Amy Davis

Norah Gilbert

Emily Hohlefelder

Carly Honeck

Sarah Hamilton

Christina Milano


Soprano I/II

Olivia Ball

Emily Hamilton

Gabbi Justice

Lauren Motta

Amelia Orth

Antonia Zouridakis

Abbey Zunic


Soprano II/Alto

Claire Hohlefelder

Nikia Scurlock

Abby Snelling

Maggie Szabo

Alaina Wilkerson

Colin Williams



Juju Bibawy

Olivia Dudash

Nora Lemmon

Will Kundu

Faith Wickizer

Karen Yang

Capriccio Columbus | P.O. Box 1225 | Worthington, OH 43085